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Bridges & Viaduct



I.CO.P. has a long experience in all traditional constructing methods: steel piles and  reinforced concrete slabs, precast reinforced concrete segments (for construction of segmental bridges) or those with precast reinforced concrete piles and their slabs, but since the end of the 60s it is a leader in Italy in the construction of one-span precast reinforced concrete bridges and viaducts, constructed with the cantilever method.

This method is the one to prefer for spans up to 45 meters, since it permits the construction of one-piece sections with lengths of some hundred meters, allowing the construction of long lasting homogeneous structures.

Furthermore, I.CO.P. has developed it, modifying and adapting it, in order to meet different and critical constructing demands, letting both the flexibility characteristics and the aesthetical appeal be part of the characterising elements both of the construction and of the environment.

Working in very difficult site conditions and with extremely short execution times are also distinctive elements of our commitment to clients. Nowadays I.CO.P. SpA is a reliable company for many important contractors, such as Anas Spa (the national road and motorway agency) and the Italian Civil Protection organization (ICP).

I.CO.P. S.p.A. has also worked in the structural restoration of deteriorated bridges and viaducts, executing foundation consolidation, substitution or consolidation of constructive elements such as piers, beams, deck segments, etc., with a great number of project solutions proposed in order to solve specific functional demands.

All bridges and viaducts constructed by I.CO.P. SpA are designed by the company technical staff.