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I.CO.P. offers the Customer an internal consulting and project service that can answer to the most demanding requests.

The rapid growth of the transport and communication systems has caused a growing demand for tunnelling equipment able to operate in increasingly difficult conditions: the improvement of the shielded cutter heads technology from large- to small-size tunnelling has led to the development of the microtunnelling method.

The rapid development of this technology is due  to two main reasons. The first one was the massive spread of technological services in the cities.The second factor was the application in civil engineering of advanced techniques of miniaturization, laser guiding and so on.

In Italy the microtunnelling technique was introduced at the beginning of the 90′s: the best results have been gained by I.CO.P., which is today a leader in the domestic market. Today microtunnelling allows pipes to be automatically installed without digging open trenches and without employing manpower inside the tunnel.

I.CO.P. owns 6 complete microtunnelling equipment, which, fitted with special modification kits, can cover a whole range of sizes from DN800 to DN3000, thus placing I.CO.P. among the first European companies in the large-diameter industry.