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We consider an underpass all the works realized to allow the crossing of existing roads or railways. The construction of underpasses usually causes the interruption of viability, which generally forces traffic to use alternative layouts or to temporary changes. These are all expensive solutions, which cause extreme disruption to the communities involved.

A lot of different methods have been studied, projected and then used in different parts of the world, but a definitive solution was never found. ICOP Construction(M) Sdn. Bhd. has developed an ultimate solution to such problems, and after 15 years of research has patented a new technology called One night solution.

This patented technology that can be used in case of road and especially in case of railway underpasses is performed in three phases:
1) abutments and deck construction;
2) construction of lateral diaphragm walls;
3) one night deck launch and subsequent completion of the work and rapid reopening to the traffic.